The Life Care Plan


The Life Care Plan is designed to improve the quality and quantity of life for Seniors.  The following describes the Life Care Plan in terms of the services offered to and the the benefits received by those Seniors who will be our clients.


Seniors use Life Care Planning to face their concerns about the  long-term care they may require while progressing through the later stages of life.  With experience, knowledge and expertise, the professionals at the Ensign Law Firm, P.C. help Seniors and their loved ones along the way, assisting them in making good choices to improve the quality and quantity of their life.


Quality of Care and Quality of Life


The principal goal of your Life Care plan is to improve the quality of care you will receive at each stage of your progress through life in order to improve the quality of life you enjoy.  That way you will have more quality time with your loved ones in your home or wherever you want to be.

To help you achieve this objective, our professionals assist you in the following ways:

  1. We help you find, get and keep quality long-term care, whether in your home or in other care settings such as a retirement center, an assisted-living facility, or, if it should be necessary, a nursing home.  Helping you to maintain your good health, safety and well-being is the most important assistance we can provide toward achieving  your goal.

  2. We help you make decisions relating to your health care, long-term care, and any special needs you may have.  it is a comfort and a relief to our clients and their families to know that they have experienced, supportive, knowledgeable, and objective professional advisors to help them every step of the way.

  3. We help you find sources to pay for good care, as well as spending your money wisely and prudently on your care needs.  We help protect and preserve the assets you have accumulated during a lifetime of hard work, thrifty behavior, and astute investment decision-making.  We work with you through the maze of choices and options to find the best, or often, the most comfortable solution to the asset protection problem created by the need to pay for your quality long-term care.

Your Care Questions Answered


We will help you answer your questions about your long-term care and health care choices as well as those of your loved ones who are your primary care providers.


What health care, chronic care, and long-term care services are available to me?  How can I get the quality care I need and desire:  in my own home, in a residential community or assisted-living facility, in a child's home, or in a nursing home?


How will financial and health care decisions be made for me if I cannot make them for myself?  Who can I rely on to make sure that decisions to be made are the right ones?


If I can't take care of myself, who will make sure my spouse continues to have a good quality of life?


If there is a health care crisis, what will we have to do?  Where do we turn for the help we need?


How do I know I am getting quality care?  Who will advocate and intervene for me if necessary to ensure my right to quality health care and long-term care according t the stands of law?

Other Questions


A Life Care Plan helps you and your loved ones answer other pressing questions as well - such as:


How do I assure my financial security as I get older?


What public benefits am I entitled to, and what must I do to qualify for them?


Should I rely on Medicare, Medicaid or other government benefits to help pay for my care?


How to I apply for public benefits?


What kinds of insurance do I need? Should I buy long-term care insurance?


How and when should I distribute my assets?  Can I save taxes and avoid probate?


Do I have to spend all of my money on my care,  in my home, in an assisted living facility or a nursing home?


How can I protect my assets to take care of my spouse, to ensure I get good care, or leave them to my children?


How can I provide for family members who have special needs?

Your Road Map


Your Life Care Plan will be customized to fit your personal desires and needs.  It can then be your road map to follow toward achieving your goals of quality care and quality of life. When changes occur and circumstances require, we can help you shift to another, more suitable road map that will take you further along your way


So your Life Care Plan includes both elder law services and geriatric care assessment, management and coordination services.


Your Life Care Plan: One Fee


We prefer not to bill clients by the hour for our planning.  Many clients do not like hourly billing either.  We want to make sure our clients do not limit the scope of the planning they need simply because of their fear of unknown cost on an hourly basis.  Pick-and-choose, piecemeal planning can result in gaps in service, or worse, even higher cost due to the great variety and scope of services needed in many situations.  Our one fee approach to Life Care Planning takes these concerns into account.


Your Life Care Plan fee and the length of the engagement will be agreed upon based upon the following factors:


Are we planning for a married couple or an individual?  Planning for two persons is more complex than for one.


Is this a crisis situation?  Is nursing home care actual or imminent? Or do we have time to plan more appropriately?


How complex will the planning be? With a larger estate, the planning process and plan implementation will be more complex than with a small estate. While most care planning issues do not depend upon the wealth of a person, a person with lesser means will usually have fewer realistic care options.


How difficult will it be to access public benefits such as Medicaid?


The fee for your Life Care Plan includes all the consultations, legal documents, and services of our Elder Law Attorney, Geriatric Care Manager and the other Life Care Plan team members to implement your "plan of action."  Then your Life Care Plan will continue for the time period agreed to.


How to Get Started


Please call our Life Care Planning Team at (806) 373-7705 to schedule your first meeting to see whether a Life Care Plan is right for you or your loved one.


In our first meeting, we will listen to you to learn about your situation, your concerns and your care needs, discuss your options and review the benefits of a Life Care Plan customized for you and your loved ones.  Then we will agree on the cost and the time period your plan will cover.